8 Ways to keep your marriage intact

Author: Meghna Mukherji

Love is not enough to bind your relationship. Here are a few points to make your marriage last longer.

No marriage is perfect but if your marriage is not strong enough, it can be very difficult to keep it going for a very long time. Everybody leads a busy life but if you do not work towards having a happy life ahead together, your marriage may break apart.

Make time for each other

One of the most important factors required to keep your marriage going is taking out some time for one another. It is crucial to understand that your marriage is a large part of your life and it deserves your time. Make an effort to go out for dinner with your spouse, movie or a drive over the weekend.

Plan your finances

It goes without saying that finances play a very important role in your marriage. According to polls and survey reports, nearly 40% of married people admit to lying to their spouses about a particular purchase. Money woes can have a serious impact on your marriage. To avoid such problems, make sure that you and your partner discuss and agree upon hard financial ground rules and keep those going for the rest of your lives.

Don't make sex a chore

Sex should be your priority in a marriage, but don't schedule it — otherwise it becomes a responsibility just like doing an everyday task. Address problems like a team; you cannot operate alone in a marriage. Teamwork is essential. Thus whether it is taking decisions about your children or any other family matters, make sure that the two of you deal with the situation together. Not only will you find solutions to the problem, but it will also help your bond grow stronger.

Communication - a two way process

A lot of relationships fail because of miscommunication. Communication should not be a one way process in a relationship, rather a two way one. For instance, if there is a hint or vibe that your partner is disconnected or unhappy about something, do not ignore the signal. Approach and try to have a healthy discussion about it.

8 Ways to keep your marriage intact - Meghna Mukherji

Never stop surprising each other

Whether it is through loving embrace, compliments, gifts, movie or dinner dates, do not let the fire die in your marriage. For example, send a bouquet of flowers for your wife at home, or make something nice for your husband for lunch and have it delivered to him. Such small treats go a long way in ensuring that you have an excellent marriage in the long run.

Space is crucial

Space is important in a marriage as well. You cannot obviously always be together. When you give some space to your spouse in your marriage, it becomes healthy and you have room for love and care to grow.

Consciously care for your partner

Caring for your spouse should be unconditional in your marriage. Since the two of you have promised to spend the rest of your lives together, being there for one another in times of need or otherwise is essential.

Such qualities builds security in your relationship. Apart from this, your children also learn how to care for their parents as well as others in the family.

Take care of yourself

While it is extremely important to care for your partner and love them, it is equally crucial for you to take proper care of yourself as well. When you are happy and fit, you get positive feelings and this makes your relationship work well.

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