A Love Story!

Al Nikah - The Marriage in IslamEveryone loved Muhammad (May Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). A youngster with no bad habits, no wicked coteries and matured than his age with a noble behavior!!! Stories about the al-ameen (trustworthy) Muhammad (Peace be upon him) implanted respect about him in Kadeeja’s (may Allah be pleased with her) mind. When she needed a trustworthy and able person to lead her trade caravans, with no doubt, she decided upon him. Knowing Muhammad (Peace be upon him) personally increased her respect towards him day by day. When the caravans left for trade, she even send along a slave named Maiser to take care of Muhammad’s (Peace be upon him) personal needs.

The loving Khadeeja later came to that young man’s life, as his beloved wife. Dedicated herself to Muhammad (Peace be upon him), she engraved an evergreen tale of divine and pure love. She shared all blessed forms of feminine life with her beloved- a mother for the orphan Muhammad, a lover, partner and sister… Khadeeja brought forth vibrant colors to Muhammad’s (Peace be upon him) life. When returned home after his terrifying first-time experience of revelation at the cave of Hira, she stood along as the floral shower of consolation. When the splendor of prophethood spread across, she embraced the truth wholeheartedly. She was his shade in the sunlight and canopy in the rain. She motivated him so that he wouldn’t go exhausted with the brutal torturing of Khuraishes. She poured in inspiration and energy. It was from Khadeeja that Prophet tasted the sweetness of love of a woman for first time. He had never loved any woman before her.

Prophet never loved anyone as much he loved her. Though other partners came to his life after her, the reminiscence of his life with khadeeja always shadowed in his heart. Her death was a great blow in his life. Engulfed in great sorrow, he didn’t even come out from his home for many days. He was left alone with no one to look after him. One day, a lady named Kaula bint Hakeem came to visit him. She used to visit that house before also. Seeing the dreadful situation he was in, she insisted him for a second marriage. With filled eyes, he asked her : “Who else is there like Khadeeja?”

That was the time his close families – Banu Hashim and Banu Muthwalib had declared non-cooperation with him. When merciless sanctions where declared against him earlier, he had lived in the valley of Shiab abi Talib, living on water and leaves. However, Khadeeja was there to support and share his pains. That was the time they tasted the bitterness of hunger and thirst. Khadeeja, though born, brought up and once lived in all luxuries of the world, did not hesitate to stay along with her beloved, living in a state of almost nothing to eat and drink. Rather, she took care of him wholeheartedly and stood as a symbol of pure and heartfelt love.

It was on the third day after the demise of his uncle Abu Talib, Khadeeja bid adieu from his life. Upon seeing Abubakr (may Allah be pleased with him) who came to console him, he burst into tears, like a little boy. It was an year of losses and sorrows for him.

Never he could wipe khadeeja out from his heart. Once when he was in a conversation with Ayesha (may Allah be pleased with her), he heard a woman’s voice outside. “Who is this, Haala!!!” He was happy to see her. Hala was the sister of Khadeeja, resembled Khadeeja in voice and looks. Ayesha did not like it when prophet took immense interest in receiving and talking to Hala. Ayesha asked him: “Even after her death, you still remember that old woman.. Hasn’t Allah blessed you with much better women than her…”

Prophet didn’t like Ayesha’s words and his face reddened. “Upon Allah, I have never got anything better than Khadeeja. She believed me even when everyone disbelieved. When people called me liar, she didn’t doubt me. She stood along, with her body, mind and wealth. Allah blessed me with kids from her. ” He also advised Ayesha to never talk like that again.

He used to say that his love towards Kadeeja was engraved on his heart. On special days, he sent a portion of food to khadeeja’s friends. Once he said : ” I love khadeeja and everyone whom she loved..”

Wife should be our lover-
that’s the message Prophet taught us. When we don’t exchange the real love before or after her, we would get to enjoy the real sweetness of ever greenish and rejuvenated love everyday. After the victory in the battle of Badr, while collecting ransom from kuraish prisoners, a gold ornament attracted him. It was the ornament Khadeeja wore on their wedding day. The pain it inhibited spread across in his mind. It was paid as a ransom to release his daughter Zainab’s husband.

Look, how can prophet forget Khadeeja? A humble woman closer to 55. She had to look after her children, take care of household chores, had to find means for income, and upon all these she had to go all the way to mountain Noor, with food for her husband. Rocks or thorns or wild animals on the way never stopped her from going all the way up in the hill. That was Khadeeja. The first woman who believed in Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

When he was insisted for a second marriage, a scholar said, : “My Khadeeja hasn’t died yet..”

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud!

Source: http://feelislam.com/2013/02/love-story/

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